words and me

i told ya'll i've been on a poetry kick. well a good buddy of mine gave me a free download card for this independent music. i was frustrated at first because i listen to minimal indie stuff but then i found poetry....lots of beautiful poetry. i now have langston hughes on oscar....nikki giovanni, sonia sanchez and i couldn't be more giddy. i'm suddenly transported back to college--the langston hughes convention where some of the most profound & insightful minds grouped together to celebrate that lovely man and i was there...drinking it all in...now i have that day back. heaven hits at the strangest of times. the great part. i finished downloading all the music onto my ipod and it started playing...nikki's last words from "ego tripping" are playing out:

"i mean i can fly like a bird in the sky"...

and then a nina simone that i already had on my ipod kicks in and the beginning lyrics are, "birds flying high you know how i feel"...how beautiful is that!? it's a day for words and me. even more scary, here's my horoscope for today:

Highbrow types of art and literature are much more accessible to you right now, and your mind is intrigued by the idea of flowery prose and intricate poetry. Take some time today to check out some poetry -- whether by visiting a couple of poetry websites, re-reading song lyrics without the music in your mind, or just cruising through the greeting-card aisle. The way words are used to convey complex meanings will, by example, show you how you can convey your emotions more effectively.

what can i say...the signs were beating me over the head...so in honor of that here is a poem i wrote for my favorite b in the world:

If I were to paint you, two ears would appear first

You listen & hear, something every gal needs

You'd have a light where your eyes would be, a megaphone for a mouth

You see things clearly, you point them out and make sure I really hear you

You'd have a mountain where your heart is

To get to the top you have to work hard but once there you see the most beautiful & great perspectives

When I'd finish you'd look like some hindu princess

Arms every where to symbolize how much you give: the ultimate multi-tasker

People would assume I was painting a dream

Not realizing I'm a classical realist, surrealism was never my thing


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