valentine day’s cousin

i really have to point out some important thangs before i get off of this thing for good and begin my weekend of fabulousness.

labor day weekend officially marks the time when i got engaged. that one night that changed it all. i'm far enough removed from the pain to talk about it light heartedly. my how swell my dating life has been. i have a good friend who just wrote me and told me her and her wonderful boyfriend of years split due to distance. she's completely cool with it...understands and they still love and respect each other. she's proud that she has such a good one on her shelf. got me thinking...without putting on the rose colored glasses (as my best friend would say) how many have truly acted as soul mates? (stirred my soul, thus stirring me?)

i dated one that definitely had his hiccups but we still talk occasionally to this day--still a good friend that i'm glad was in my life for a period of time. he's the guy that you can't help but be proud of...definitely an "i.b.m." sistas. ok one down. (i'm starting to feel mature)

there was a guy who i never had any drama with at all...we both had to follor our dreams...we're still cool to this day and i hope to visit him with my best friend early next year in ny. (ok that's two good job)

but then i get into bad territory lol...there's voldemort who i've finally come to terms with hating. doesn't that sound harsh? i thought so which led me to try to be nice and forget about him and all his ugliness but then i realized men who date other chicks at the same time they're dating you for months and months...only to turn around a couple of months later to do the same dang thing again...then date the other girl seriously and still try to 'talk' to you are worth hating. at lunch today some girls i barely know started telling me stories about all of his recent horrible antics. i was embarrassed... (debbie downer music--you've lost a point tish)

but then i try to search my brain for more like him and there's none...i mean i've had my share of drama in my relationships but for the most part they've all ended amicably or gotten there quickly after the initial break i'm satisfied. only one voldemort... i have enough soul mates that stirred up the good stuff to not let him still my joy.

labor day weekend always pushes me to contemplate my relationships...since that engagement night i've never been single so i've always just focused on the good in my boys and carried on with the weekend. now i'm single and loving it and it's about darn time i step back and take a look.

i'm finally learning to get comfortable in my own skin...i think you can only do that when you've got single down time or s.d.t. as i will refer to it from now on.

with that being said i've decided voldemort can stand alone. as for the other guys....well i'll just appreciate what we've shared together and be thankful for the laughs and lessons learned. thankful that i've had many soul mates. i've held hands with some of the best guys out there and that's cool with me. they've given me some good stuff to fill me up and keep my heart light. two are coming to my best friends wedding possibly! that says a lot.

just so ya know, a part of me has to remain at that little pond near my college campus watching as my first luv got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. : ) it's where i do all my best relationship thinking : ) labor day weekend--valentine day's cousin. gotta love that


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