universal sign for idiot

So today I had an audition for canon cameras and I left with THE worst taste in my mouth because of the darn photographer.

I do this thing at my job where I take an extended lunch (it's lovely let me tell you) it gets me all razzled and nervous usually but today i was cool as a cucumber.

I headed out..had some great tunes playing (diamonds and pearls by prince since I'm wearing them today…good music karma) and arrived with 10 minutes to spare…great news when you live in la la land and are traveling on the 101.

So I'm dressed cute today and have huge hair cuz I'm going all out for these folks, cute little old men are saying hello and goodbye…I'm feeling pretty and I walk around the corner and figure out that I've been to this building before with these people…good sign--Means they kept my last headshot and asked to see me for something else. I'm feeling good.

Get inside and there are seriously 4 other girls that look just like me. Tall, big curly hair…my butt begins to twitch but I suck it up, sit down with one of the casting peeps and fill out my slate…weight ugh, bust ugh…height blah blah blah, wait in line for my turn with the photographer. He calls me over and tells me I need to do three shots, slate with a blank..that means put the sheet with my measurements up to my chest and take a pic) then smile, then do a relaxed pose.

I go in for the relaxed pose…trying to stand out from my clones and flash a peace sign and the photographer stops, looks up with a scowl and asks me if I'm throwing a gang sign. Hmmmmm

If I were a cute blonde do you think he would have asked me this? I rolled my eyes, told him it was a peace sign and walked off the mark. Boo on that. Hopefully he doesn't have the final say on who's chosen. My first bad audition…guess it was bound to happen.



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