a toast to the bone-building city

today i celebrated my 2nd year anniversary with my gal pal that was there from week 1: miss bree. it was a good day...

we woke up early (ugh) and headed over to the coffee bean for some chai tea and cinnamon bread (mmm) then we went to an 11:00am showing of the movie hairspray. that's the thing about bree and i. we do movies...we came out here as starry-eyed hopefuls, watching those on the big screen--openly wanting to take the actors' and directors' places and without fail, no matter what dramas have filled our daily lives, we can get together over a movie and some grub, discuss and the world is carefree again...

see moving out here, not knowing anyone and having NO money whatsoever can be quite stressful so you can understand why bree and i stuck together--hitting up taco bell, chillin at barnes and noble discussing books and life as we knew it and wanted it to be... she was the perfect friend to share the anniversary with.

we did it up right. got our breakfast, saw a flick, ate lunch (ordered a mojito and toasted to making it thus far) and then finished it up with ANOTHER flick--becoming jane, which was amazing.

i have to digress for a minute. so the movie was beautiful and perfect...one scene in particular though was absolutely enchanting and forced me to remember a dream i had last night...the scene you can see for yourself but the dream...

so in it i'm walking in a garden. the sun is just setting. there are twinkle lights every where, the air is warm and i can smell a subtle hint of pumpkin in the air mixed with cinnamon and i'm happy...in the distance i can see this white shimmery being and i start to cry...because the beautiful white floating thru the warm fall night is my best friend and she's getting married. it was a beautiful dream...it took a beautiful movie to pull that one out of my unconscious. sigh...like i always say...i love love and that ish is coming at me full speed lately. i'm seeing it and feeling it everywhere.

maybe that's what's gotten into me lately. jen's wedding is fast approaching and i may have been bitten by some of the residual love bugs flittering about. whatever it is it's cool.

ok back to the day. we were leaving and i totally had a flash back of one of our first hang out sessions. it was early august and we were walking the streets of burbank and we started to shiver. we laughed at the flaky weather gods who forced cold mornings, hot days and then uber brisk nights upon us...the same happened today...and the weird thing is we haven't paid attention to it since that night we last discussed two years ago. time flies...

i'm floating on movie clouds...i LOVE seeing movies that inspire me and move me and take me back to the moment i knew i wanted to be an actress 22 years ago...so a toast. a toast to the bone-building city: the city that forced me to grow a spine and knock out some strength.


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