regret it in the morning

i'll regret staying up this late tomorrow when it's monday 5:45 a.m. but oh wells. i just had the most amazing date with my girl b. we went and saw that new flick, "super bad" and that ish was HILARIOUS! i haven't laughed that hard in a movie in a really long time and i'm bummin that i didn't bring in a pad to write all the damn good quotes down. it is a naughty good movie lol. i spit out my popcorn at one point (sorry to the dude in front of me)

after the movie we decided we needed catch up time (cuz we're cute like that) so we went to a starbucks on ventura and sat and talked for an hour or so over chai teas and it was great....cuttin' back sharing our weekends and other random but good stuff that girls must share in order to be sane. i love that girl.

it was a great end to a great weekend. i am now gonna take my yellow behind to bed and dream of rainbows and moonbeams just cuz i can.


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