real love

have you ever been bitten by the writing bug?

last night i was reading...calmly enjoying the last of my weekend when i got this uncontrollable urge to write this poem. i sat there scribbling for a good hour or so before i realized that what i was doing could be considered to be mad by some and stopped myself...but it's still not done. there's something inside of me stirring in a crazy way and i can't get the words out to describe it. doh!

all i can say though is it's about love. (i told u i'm on a kick.)

it's just sparked my interest as of late...such a confusing little bugger--this thing known as LUV. i have to wrap my mind around what i know thus far. the fact that i can't get it down on paper says a lot about that lol.

unlucky in love but lucky in that's me and i actually accept it so i better verbalize it soon or i'm gonna go nutty (and remain quite tired). nothing worse than dozing off at work...(snicker snicker)

i'm loving the fact that i got to go gift shopping for some of the loves of my life today. i worked out hard core, sweaty funky stinky tish...and was too excited to shower...i marched my funky butt straight to a california mall (complete with perfectly styled divas) and started picking out cute quirky little gifts for upcoming showers, baby and wedding and birthday parties.

i'm wrapped, card-signed and ready to go!

now that kind of love i can write about all day!


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