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so yesterday i finally knocked at two poems that have been eating me up inside. it felt good to get them out....ironically the poisonous words that were buggin me were about love...and they weren't terrible poems either...lol. real but not cynical.

then at work something really freaky happened. a friend of mine was freaking out because she's been given some project she knows nothing about and she's really stressed and worried she'll mess up because she was given no direction...she reads her daily horoscope and it tells her that she shouldn't worry about the projects given to her today...that she should do what she knows and let everything else just fall into place...freaked her and me out a bit so i made her read me mine and this is what i got:

You have more love in your life than you realize, and it will begin to show itself today. There are many different types of love -- the kind you have for another person, the kind you have for yourself, and the kind you have for that new car you're dreaming of buying. Focus on the type of love you have for other people today, and try to express it as openly and as honestly as you can. That is the best way to encourage them to show their love for you -- and they are eager to do just that.

so i took it as a sign of all the love i've been circling around lately and focused on sending love vibes to those in my life i value most...emailed back and forth with my amazing mom, best friends, took someone that was down in my department to have some delicious lunch that she had never had before (CHIPOTLE!!!) and tried to spread the love as best i could and it was lovely. i came home and loved myself by working the mess out of my body...i channeled my inner buff dude from venice beach and now i'm about to spend a good hour on my new favorite site "goodreads". i LOVE that ish. someone just asked me to be their bud who's got over a thousand books on her profile...she's my sheroe and i love her now too.

sometimes horoscopes save the day.


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