i'm a nosy person. it doesn't happen often but sometimes i'm able to glimpse someone's life, how they really live and it makes my heart melt a bit.

for instance i'm sitting here reading this chicky magazine. i take quick glances at the silly fashion sections and find myself glued to the pages where some actress or model is divulging what's in her bag...of course it's the latest and greatest most expensive cell phone, lip plumper crap whatever but it's still a guilty pleasure i indulge in whenever possible.

today at work a friend of mine showed me pictures of her closet....(aka the room of loveliness) she's basically created a shrine to fashion....zillions of beautiful shoes in clear boxes, shelves and shelves of clothes (all color coded of course), walls of jewelry, french country-inspired chairs including this luxurious yellow one that is plopped right in the center of this room so she can sit there and enjoy it. pretty murals on some of the doors of audrey look-a-likes in gowns...i loved stepping into this woman's world for a bit.

people spend so much time creating this false reality for others to's great when you get those pockets of realness (is that a word?).

i live for those moments.


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