labor day weekend

it's that time again...(clear throat--um tony!toni!tone! start the song)

it's our anniversary...

b and i's that is. well actually last weekend should have been the celebration but little man is out of town this weekend so here we go. last year we went to hermosa and had a lovely evening celebrating our lovely friendship. this year we celebrate how fabulous it is to have each other so the whole weekend is dedicated to fabulocity (thank you kimora for that lovely word). this weekend we're gonna go to my favorite restaurant mexicali, grub on some chicken from this amazing health food joint we both love, watch fabulous films and sit down and stare at each other from time to time and just tell each other how fabulous we are (stoically lol) --maybe even have a superbad moment (check out the film if you haven't all ready!)

i've been saying it for years ladies...ya gots to have slumber parties. ya gots to have friends that are female. i realize this is hard...there are some pretty catty stupid chicks out there but don't give up my friends! true friends are worth the wait--and the distances in my case.

i just lifted in the gym and i got in ridiculous reps cuz i'm bursting with energy...i'm so pumped. so yeah...girls, when ya can, grab some facial masks, bring pillows and blankets to one of your girls' homes, rent some flicks and make sure to have some good food to munch on that makes you counting calories or any of that whack ish either...ya have to take it back...back in to time...possibly 6th grade when the only thing you counted was the amount of minutes you kissed so and so in the closet : )

be warned though...when we were in 6th grade we didn't have much cash so shop for food as if you were using your baby sitting money...cuz if you go crazy


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