immaculate receptions

i'm watching this documentary on hbo that's following the kansas city chiefs in training camp and i SWEAR to you my dang lip started ha! it was like i was transported back to my home circa childhood. lol

i don't know if folks know but my fam consists of football junkies. it's their true american past time. as a kid i would sit in my room with friends playing barbies while my parents and their friends were watching the game in the other room...sounds of my mother would fill the house "GET 'EM YOU expletive, expletive, expletive" i would roll my eyes but my house would have felt eery and wrong without such noise. it was great watching my parents watch games together and see the hilarious emotions go thru them...and then listen to my dad talk about team work, team camaraderie, passion, heroic feats, strategy. he would say, there's a reason there are so many great films about football. (all he had to do was make a connection to film and you know i was interested.)

i can NOT wait for football season to start up. last year i didn't get to see or be apart of's not so big in los angeles but i'm gonna find my football crowd or reception if you will and we're gonna do the darn thing!

can we get an award for this dang documentary? i am a herms edwards groupie from this point on!!!


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