i got my black pass back!

so my home boy calls me becky (no offense to beckies around the world) cuz i had never seen "lean on me"....YES i realize this is a sad moment considering i boast to being the movie queen and i'm a black woman BUT that all ended tonight. i have just finished watching that wonderful film. i will proudly be collecting my black pass in the morning...

i tell you what...we poor little innocent mixed girls that grew up with white mommas have a lot of ish we must put up with from our more potent counterparts. hmph.

i proudly except my black pass. i promise to abide by the laws of grown black 'act right' code. i will quote my movies with pride. i will call triflin' folks "pookies" and actually understand what that truly means. i will pull crazy joe/batman's when necessary, roll my eyes at skeezas, appreciate some good gamma ray & princes of zamunda chit chat and anything else under black pass penal code.

thank you and have a swell night.


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