i got kicked

i had a "you're breaking my heart" moment today. my heart hurts. some people assume after meeting me that i'm this happy go-lucky girl that allows just anyone to come into her life...that to be my friend is an easy task but i have an undercover radar and i got cho number if you're good peeps : )...i pride myself on that...that i have this unbelievable group of great friends that seriously pick me up and carry me along frickin amazes me to no end...

now knowing this you can feel my pain when i say i HATE being bamboozled...finding out that a friend is infact a frenemy is never a good thing. i've deleted someone from my life today...i've only done this one other time in my life and it's never fun, i always cry, i always wanna kick something.....i always cry.

whenever my friends are down and out over someone disrespecting them i always fight to help them see that they're worth more than that...and so i became a friend to myself....i'm no hypocrite. i will realize the same.

every happy moment with such person was wasted and i'm done


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