call me george clinton

I am basking in my world of funk. Yes, I'm in a funk. Not a bad one, it's a strictly chemical moon thing bit-o- loveliness but a funk nevertheless and for once I'm not going to fight it. i'm just enjoying coming home, doing nothing—not even going to the gym—just hanging out with myself and enjoying the peace & quiet. Sigh…yoga music flittering off in the background. Play that funky music light girl!

I'm scaring friends.

One thing I've learned is that you have to appreciate your past as well as your present. I appreciate my life in the now but that doesn't stop me from being totally excited about this weekend either. is it wrong to yearn for the weekend?

I have this cosmic twin who lives up in northern cali and I swear whenever something life-changing happens…whenever cracks begin to develop she's always there with some fabulous life glue to help me feel nice and whole again. I've had some crazy times as of recent and I'm exhausted, burnt out, desperately in need of some drama avoidance and a weekend with her is just the medicine!!! UGH you have NO idea. She's got this amazing birthday weekend planned and she comes packed with all this great energy. I don't have to worry about testosterone ruining the occasion…No past pains haunt me…I have no worries in NoCal.

ahhhhhh… It's music to my ears.

A little culture for the soul never hurt anyone...well maybe the funk but that's allowed.


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