breaking and entering

my luck is a funny thing.

today is the hottest day of the week. it hasn't been this hot at this point in the year in 125 years.

my roommate randomly won't be home until passed 11:00 p.m.

so of COURSE i would lock myself out of my apartment. i shut the dang door and immediately turned around trying to catch it before it slammed shut. doh!

i have just spent the last hour outside. at first i was just gonna chill and wait it out...lay by the pool but the bugs were eating me up so then i get the brilliant idea to actually see if my window was open (it's not now aspiring thiefs and bandits!!!) but luckily it was and i don't have ish blocking the damn thing. i broke the screen and scurried my little behind inside into my cool air conditioned apartment. i'm tired now. the heat got to me. i appreciate keys a whole lot more.

on a super sad note: the only bruvva that lives in the valley--in my apartment complex is moving out. i saw him today and a small piece of me cracked. sniff...


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