betcha didn’t know i was filipino!!!

so someone randomly wrote me this beautiful little poem lol...i seriously had to write them back and ask if they meant to send it to me cuz um...i've never been mistaken for filipino my name says....i really am racially ambiguous and i'm adding filipino to my list dog nab it!

Shawty just incase you didn't know,

You're the cutest Pilipino,

And the hottest by far,

Babi you're like my shinning star,

And I wanna get to know your personality,

Even if it means searching the whole galaxy,

Can't you see,

You're the one I want in my life,

Yep! Make you my wife,

Cause you bring me joy,

You could be my girl,

And I could be your guy,

I'll represent you,

Like you represent Pilipino pride,

So jump in my ride,

Babi I'll take you to the sky,

You and me can join the mile high,

Cause you're so fly,

5'5, brown eyes, big lips, small thighs,

Not to mention your small waist,

You're the one I wanna taste,

Im the coyote and you're the bird I love to chase,

Yep! You're the road runner,

You're the stunner on myspace,

And you can always come back to my place,

Cuddle up, pop that bottle of bubble,

Then snuggle up,

And I'd do anything to please ya,

So why don't cha come over here lil Mestiza…



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