batteries recharged

this weekend charged my batteries like no other. i was stressin all over the place on was HELL...ran home, threw my crap in a suitcase in like 5 minutes, raced over to my girls house (flight transportation is oh-so-nice) and probably took my first calm breath when i was sitting in the terminal with 20 minutes to spare. i started writing crap immediately to purge the badness...just had one of those really craptastic weeks, ya know?

the minute i boarded that plane though i was great. swellrific even. i slept the 80 minutes there and bounced off that plane a new woman. my bro was waiting for me outside and life was just good from that point on. i went to a retirement party and saw how the older and wiser close one door happily and open another one like a pro and then went back to my twin and her hubby's abode for a night of black pass acceptance ceremonies. basically your girl had never seen one of the "black classics" (that i will not name) and so they had to school me. sigh...better late than never!

the next morning we woke and seriously just enjoyed our day...primped, ate sushi, laughed a whole bunch, caught up on each others' lives (2 other girls were staying at the crib) and just had fun. a limo ride and some champagne later we were having the best time at this BEAUTIFUL restaurant, sipping pear martinis and enjoying each others' conversations...only this group of people could seriously discuss the future of journalism, then switch it up to "coming to america" (is this velvet?!), paris & ms lohan, michele's fabulousness and all the other stuff we managed to squeeze in...sigh. it was great and i got a much needed push of confidence on the acting front. plus i got a chance to talk to some cool peeps, one in particular... my batteries were definitely recharged and i woke up this morning feeling like a new person...

i didn't even care that i missed my flight back to los angeles...unconsciously i didn't wanna go apparently...the weekend was perfect. i just wanna bottle those times and open them up when need be.

i love you twin and bro. thank you thank you thank you.


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