week in review

well the week of house sitting has come and gone and now i'm back home. i did miss home...my smells, my spaces...i have this little nook on one side of my couch that i love to cozy up into and read but i do miss fritz. yes, i miss a dog. on friday he actually got into a stressful altercation with two racoons that left me bawling like a baby but it's all good. we bonded. he's my buddy for life. i now have to find a dog of my own. as soon as i can get a doggie door...that racoons don't like that is.

other news from the week: my best friend just bought her first home with her fiance and they moved over to 'the nut' on friday so they could start sprucing the place up. i love the idea of my friend building her life tangibly...painting and laying floor...there's something about building a home with your own hands. i'm in awe of my friends that are stepping over to big kid land...

the best part of all though is i get to talk about it IN PERSON with her this friday...bachelorette part-tay this friday thru sunday yo in vegas. i can't wait to see my gal! can't wait!!!

today: i made fun of a friend yesterday for drinking wine and then passing out at 11:00 am...lol...and then i came home today and drank some schmirnoff thingies and passed the heck out at 1:00 pm...lol. it's all good...aren't we all just a little hypocritical at times? don woke me up at 3 something to go the movies. i saw this new film "once" that i recommend to the masses. all pretentious criticisms aside it was a really sweet and beautiful movie...simple and good. there was little dialogue, lots of great music (that i promptly purchased at amoeba music after it was over)...today was just one of those random dream-like days where i just float along and have no concept of time.

i came home to a full mailbox and a package...a package containing the sweetest gift i've received in a long time from a dear friend of mine, one of the sister girls. it was a cute little green kiwi coach wallet wrapped up in a beautiful box and bow with a letter stating she was proud of me for being a good friend and the type of gal that goes after her dreams. i sat in my room and cried i was so touched...how i love the color green but how much more i love the fact that i have these amazing friends that know how much the little details mean to me...that letter's gonna remain in my journal...to be read over and over again.

that was the ultimate high for the day...seeing the bumblebee car from transformers ( an authentic one--i'm in la folks) didn't even touch it...thank you chris...thank you : )


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