these things bring me joy

today i have become oscar the grouch which bugs me not in the least because 1). he's green and 2.) my buddy ole pal b. says i don't always have to be ms. susie sunshine so it's all good.

basically i lifted weights for the first time in a really REALLY long time and now my body is screaming at me that i'm a royal numb nut. that and i have some weird freakish cold that's taken refuge in my poor used and abused body and leaving me sluggish and stupid.

even thru the pain and sluggishness though i have still been able to find joy in today. like for instance, b humored me by letting me read chapters from my new book to her over our lunch period...she didn't HAVE to listen to my manly distorted voice piping out as best it could but she did and i luv her. it's a great book. i have to share.

i found my brandi carlile song that's been in my head for seriously months now (thank you grey's anatomy) and posted it to my myspace page.

the person that stood me up two weekends ago (mr. basketball) contacted my behind and is trying to be a good one. i've learned from certain people that you must put friends in certain categories so i can now put him in the "we go back to cool days so you're even steven in my book but standing me up sucked so you'll never be my best friend or anything like that" category. it may be petty and childish but i love it when things like that go my way. let me have my moment where i'm right and you're wrong....i'm nice and you're a poop and we're all good. (isn't pride one of the seven deadly sins?)

back on subject. i find joy in the fact that i'm currently sitting in my most comfortable pj's about to lay my skinny behind on my living room couch and watch yesterday's 'so you think you can dance' commercials! love tivo!

i find joy in the fact that my darling roomie is bringing me home "jewish penicillin (aka matsa ball soup?)" and maybe my throat will calm the ish down.

i find joy in the fact that i spent a whopper of a night with my gal pal e last night just shootin' the breeze...eating bad food and giggling our little behinds off...on a school night no less

and last but definitely not least i find joy in my acting coach, michele lamar richards ( ya'll) who wrote a prayer for me that i love dearly and will now share with you in regards to the acting job that is meant for me. i love it that she gets that...the book randomly fell into my hands, the magazine that told me about the show as well...along with actually meeting this writer and learning i got a shot.... Enjoy!!!

And know that simply the setting and intention are enough...and giving it over to your highest self. I hearby know that all is working, hasworked and is being directed for your highest good. That you are creating asspirit created you in that image of many races and beauty and it has made youmost strong most beautiful most compassionate to all around you. And knowing wecan not miss our good I release this prayer into the universe claiming this sitcom as Tish's vehicle to divine creation and balance in her life and the lifeof others. And so it is, Amen.Amen.


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