a mountain i say

i've mentioned before that i have a corner of the couch in my bedroom that i use as my favorite spot. i read, eat, zone …whatever in this tiny little area and so it's expected that the rest of the couch will accumulate crap from time to time…currently the area beside me houses a mountain of mail…a mountain indeed. Somehow i think i secretly love my poor litte life because I've created this mountain and this mountain mocks me.

it's not all bad though…time to renew the essence magazine, nordstroms is having a sale (that i can't possibly even think about but window mind shopping is oh so fun), i'm a great driver so my insurance peeps have deducted a mess out of my monthly bill (yeah for nice & cautious driving!), tiffany's new summer collection is out...sigh (i won't even go there!) and hallmark has a new bouquet with bead thingies…how much do you think you know about me now?

come to think of it…i love my little mountain of mail.

switching subjects: i love my neighborhood. it's quiet and totally suburban and perfectly charming but this week it's totally stepped outside the box. i've heard mad sirens, choppers and loud music…i've officially been transported to the bronx and i love it. where's my pizza damn it!?

i have a crazy life oh-so-different than most of my friends and at times i feel like a doofus but i'm learning to love my crazy little improv script of a life.


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