kansas city and all that jazz

i know not where to begin. something amazing happened this weekend and i don't know if i can really express it in a blog...but i'll try. (sorry if it's somewhat skatterbrained. i've just spent 8 hours flying home)

so i went to kansas city this weekend for my boy terry's wedding. little background: mr. terry and i went to college together and even though we don't talk every day on the phone this guy is one of my best guy friends. he has this infectious personality where you just can't help but smile and laugh in his presence. he just fills those around him with joy and so seeing the boy with the million dollar smile light up when the person that gives him that smile came down the aisle was dope...i ain't got to lie to kick it. i teared up a bit. especially when his sister sang a song to the couple...man. i love love. i really do. i was in such a happy go-lightly mood because of those two.

now i have to back up a bit. so the plane ride on friday was awesome. i met this AMAZINGLY fabulous guy who randomly struck up a conversation with me about the midwest. turns out we both went to ku and so he takes me under his successful little wing. he works as a financial guru for oprah, p diddy and some other impressive folks and basically lives this crazy spectacular life. he let me try on a three carot diamond ring from tiffany's that he had just bought for his mom...yes i was a dork and took pictures..no one would believe that mess if i hadn't! we talked for the two hour stand still on the runway and the 2 hour flight there...it was great and he said he'd totally help me with connections into the industry. how do i meet these people?! I LOVE IT! our plane touched down at 2 in the morning and i didn't even care...i was on such a euphoric trip (literally!)lol...i love meeting people on planes.

my best pal in the world j and her fiance came and got me from the airport and i got to see their new home they just bought..and also got to go with them to say goodbye to the apartment back in lawrence that i loved for three years. this weekend just came together...had great bbq since it doesn't exist out here in california...had lunch with my parents and friend vikk meister this morning, talked with jen into the nights...she had me teary eyed last night over martinis...it's good to have a 'person'...that someone you can talk about anything with...she seriously knows EVERYTHING about me..she gets more than even my darn journal for pete's sake and every moment spent with her seriously is a wonderful recharge. : )

she met mr. basketball at the wedding and he was his goofy silly self which made her giggle. the man is smart...j is definitely the way into my heart that's for darn sure...

i read this amazing passage from my book today about how we have temporary soul mates that come into our lives and help break open our hearts so that more people fit in...i'm not ashamed or scared to admit that this weekend i had love for all lol...and that some day i, tish merritt, could possibly marry someone. ms marriage-phobe said it....indeed. who wouldn't want what i saw around me all weekend long? even my parents were making me gush at the restaurant this morning...j and i kept calling them over and they were too distracted with playing kissy face together. too cute...

all in all, this was a great weekend for reflection (lots of airplane me time) and celebrating...more of those infamous good times that give me so much happiness. the fairy godfather, best friend, married couple and friend reunion helped me realize something that i need to realize a whole lot more--i have an amazing and blessed life. there are all of these moments that i can hug myself with. and even more crazy...the best is yet to come!

kansas city pictures will post shortly. i'm running on pure love crack right now and it's running out. time for bed!


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