Hi. My name is Tish and I've been a junkie for two years now. I am just now realizing I have a problem.

Drug of choice: good times

You think I'm kidding, but it's a common side effect of any great trip or event that people go into these sinking funks once they return to the real world.

I plan these great times with friends and I look forward to the ish for weeks and the moments build and I get this euphoric sense of bliss…Trip happens and I'm on cloud nine. I feel like sunshine is bursting from my skin—nothing can change my world or get me down (at least this is what I tell myself after the event is over) we all know that like a drug there are always little blips during the 'trip' but somehow we forget that and just think of the perfect moments.

I come home and my world comes crashing down. Suddenly we have to be big kids again…Go back to our boring, zombie-makin' jobs and accept that we only get that high occasionally and it's not the real world.

I seriously was grumpy times 100 yesterday. I looked at co-workers like they were crazy when they suggested I actually work. I didn't want to begin my gym workouts, go grocery shopping….nada.

It's no good. I literally live for the weekends. I know brides go thru this same thing after their honeymoons are over. They've planned and anticipated for months, they have this amazing day followed by an incredible week of bliss and then they come back and have to chill out. Post-fun depression….

Sigh. This blows. I'm desperate to find something to do this week…some art something or another…a concert, dance performance, SOMETHING to keep my heart beating…an entertainment junkie I have become.


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