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7.01.2007 was a good day

i woke up this morning and started getting ready for my brunch with a great friend of mine rushell...rushell's the bud that has this amazingly great personality that always inspires me and moves me in some way. she has this amazingly beautiful home down in los angeles where the ocean breeze flows freely and the neighborhood buzzes with beautiful people and homes (it's in inglewood, my favorite spot to be) i got dressed and actually put on a darn dress...i just felt like a pretty day deserved a pretty girl, picked up some fruit and wine to make sangria and headed south.

we had this great brunch with waffles, apple and pear toppings that were glazed in a caramel-like sauce, egg white omelettes with basel, my sangria and cheeses and was quite yummy. we talked about our dreams and what we've been up to...possibly catching some jazz down in long beach soon (roy hargrove will be there!!! ahhhhhh!) art and framing (i'm working on a project for my best buddy's upcoming wedding) and a possible napa valley trip in november. it was just one of those great sunday mornings i'm always telling ya'll about.

afterwards i came home and packed for my house sitting adventure. i'll be staying here for the whole week and it's the coolest thing EVER. this house has so many fun toys to play with...the coolest kitchen ever...i might be tempted to cook...i mean ya just have to (especially after seeing ratatouille today with b and jay--ha ha i never noticed their nicknames together before...that's kinda funny actually lol!!!)

so yeah i went and saw a very cute and entertaining movie that i even enjoyed with a horrible migraine...i recommend it to the masses that read this. you won't be disappointed.

so now i'm just finding my away around the house...learning where things are so i don't have a nervous breakdown in the morning trying to get ready for work. did i mention i have a really cool dog to watch?! his name is guardian while on this adventure and he's the coolest loveable little dog ever. (i'll post pics don't you worry). i felt safe having him here until he heard a firecracker pop and jumped ten times higher than i did...scaredy dog...we'll work on his gangster skills. a little tupac may do the trick.

alright...i think my buddy fritz and i are gonna curl up on the couch and watch some tele. i'm probably gonna need a dog after this...just to let ya'll know.


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