i propose

i am the biggest sap i know. i am utterly in love with this show on one of the chick flick stations called "i propose"...every time ole boy gets down on one knee and the look of confusion hits the gal i lose it....fanning the air in front of my mouth..big ole tears in the eyes...sigh.

hi my name is tish and i'm a cheese-aholic.

i've started a new routine because of said show. i come home from work, work out, shower, eat and the enjoy a nice 30 minutes of that dang show. i only allow one...who knows what would frickin happen if i let it keep running one right after the other...yikes.

i'm starting to get really excited because i leave for kansas city in a couple of days....home i go. i'm going to watch my boy marry his girl....i wonder if all the proposal shows will help desensitize me from the tear extravaganza or make it worse...gulp.

oh! total side note. so a friend invited me to this new site called goodreads.com and i have found my heaven. if you're a bookworm like me totally get on and be my friend. we'll have an e-bookclub...(pushing up my glasses)

gotta love it!


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