happy anniversary dreamer

one more thing:

today is my anniversary. i've now lived here for two years exactly. i was flying in to los angeles earlier this evening and i couldn't help but flashback to the day i arrived. i was so scared...basically having panic attacks every couple hundred miles in. i still don't know to this day where the strength came for me to drive out here and stay when my best friend flew home and i was all alone for the first time in my life but i had it...i cried and cried but i stayed...

i'm really proud of myself actually. i had NO idea what los angeles had in store for me..and now i have a life here...i know my way around these crazy freeways (hee hee) i've made some terrific friends, learned some AMAZING (yet hard) lessons...i'm strong and resilient (still neurotic but hey, it keeps life interesting) and i'm totally in love with who i've become. (always good to spend your anniversaries with the one you love ya know)

this has been a great day too..makes sense that i would come back to los angeles on the exact day...happy anniversay dreamer. happy anniversay


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