the fourth

happy fourth of july ya' you and yours!!!

4th of july was never really a big holiday for me until i moved out here to la and realized just what i was missin' out on. every year my "kid for a mama" mo buys hundreds of firecrackers and we go down to our lake house in the ozarks of missouri and we sit on a porch swing as my dad and other crazy male visitors climb our dock's roof, morph into the worst kinda pyros and give us a show.

my mo sits with all the small kids of the fam/group and she teaches them to say "oooo ahhhhh" when the firecrackers start going off. lol...there's just something about sitting out there with my fam and watching those damn things and seeing my mo's face light up. sigh...i miss that lots.

i may not have the lake but i've got some lovely buds who i'll be going to a bbq with later this evening. last year at this time i was on my way to the beach with my girlie b and her fam. it was a lovely day but i was freshly heartbroken over a misfit's antics. i remember i was mad that the firecrackers were so bright...i didn't want people to see my tears. luckily my heart healed and life is better...



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