contessas and nooners

i've decideded that the barefoot contessa needs to be my friend. i want to go to her east coast beach home on the weekends and watch her prepare swordfish wih a caper-flavored red sauce. just cuz. i'll tell her about my silly drama with acting and so on (how my agent's a bitch) and she'll squinch her little nose up like she always does and say he's a punk ass and then shove some goodies in my mouth to try. sounds lovely.

today was a good friday. i have this guy friend that is lovely...and he's getting married next weekend. he's the guy that everyone in college thought the world of...wonderful big huge lovely sweetie and now .. get to see him give his wonderful-ness to his beloved. sigh....

how is this possible ms scarlett!?

well ms tishy is someone's plus it should be a really fun weekend and i'll hopefully get to see my bestest in the midwestest jen so it's all good...

and the weekend


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