call me your wedding date

i've uncovered a new leaf...created a new spin on "always a bridesmaid, never a bride"...

i'm the wedding date guru.

for the second time in less than two weeks a boy has asked little ole tish to be their date for a wedding. sigh...i guess it's a compliment...they know i'll act right but know where i'm going with this lol. i will say no more.

it's anniversary week and i have received a lovely little audition from my casper-like agent for canon cameras. i just used a canon this weekend and the silly thing was a poop on some of my shots. that would be quite ironic. should i even type such a thing?

i just lifted some weights...did some squat thrusts (hee hee) gotta be in tip top shape for all of my many upcoming weddings and auditions. what a life.


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