a bride's rite of passage

wow...that was the BEST weekend EVER!!!

jen's bachelorette party will forever change the way i look at a bride's rite of passage. i'm so thankful to have such a wonderful best friend who has the smarts to pick the bestest ladies in the world to share her happy day with. her weekend extravaganza was the ISH yo!

i can' really go detail for detail because 1 i'm hung over and exhausted like a mutha beast and 2 it's vegas...it's a rule.

our weekend started out swell. all girls took off friday from work to fly in and i instructed all ladies to wear their swim gear and meet at the pool.we had mojitoes among other alcholic beverages, met some interesting personalities and enjoyed each others' company. dinner at a mexican restaurant followed by harry potter set off the night. vegas will always be vegas but experiencing it a little unorthodox-like with those ladies will go down in the history books. i laughed so hard. i had the task of ..ing the events with my cam which was fine by me because i was able to sit back and observe women celebrating the woman i call best friend. we walked the vegas strip then went back to the hotel and crashed around 1....4:00 for our washington d.c. gal pal (poor thing)

day 2 was filled with shopping for wedding stuff together, more eating and drinking, gifts and bachelorette games. i learned just how sweet jen and her fiance truly are...she got so many of those darn questions about her groom right...no doubt about it....my gal and her luv are ready to do the dang thing...i've always known they were right for each other but she knows him like the back of her hand...it's so comforting to know my girl's jumping into something that's truly good for her.

we danced our little hearts out and were invited to hang with real royalty....vegas is never dull, always random and it meant everything to me that jen and her bridesmaids had a blast. last night was so much fun lol.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

today was difficult...the hangovers and 3 hours of sleep didn't help but saying goodbye is even more hard when you've spent such a great time with girls that live on the other side of the country. i won't see them again until the wedding this fall...we had so much fun. the time just flew. it feels like i JUST woke up at 4 in the morning to start getting things prepared and packed for the trip...i wrote a poem for the girls, gave them cd's filled with themed music for the weekend...hopefully it'll be a sweet reminder of the fun times we had.

i was having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that my best friend is going into a stage of life without me...we went into high school together, first loves, college, heartbreak therapy....graduations, first jobs, etc all together...

but now i'm good. i think the bridesmaids need the bachelorette parties more than the brides...one last celebration, one last rite of passage that friends can take together conscienciously...

i made some great memories this weekend...great ones


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