back into focus

so my most recent blog caused quite the discussion among my peers and even some folks that i know not. my favorite thus far "is there something wrong with that chick?"...

lol i personally don't think so but even the best of gals have their single moments. (at least my friends tell me that) so since that night i've spoken with a couple of my gal pals...none of which read my blog and each one of them was dealing with their own personal disdain for singlehood so i listened like i love to do and gained some new perspective and i felt better. i'll never fully embrace being lonely (who would?!) but i found a silver lining and that's swell enough for me.

i love it when i'm able to freaking see passed the pessimistic walls i put up and see the brighter side. i did it today was cool...i was really busy so it flew by...i was able to finish up some last minute maid of honor duties like printing boarding passes, coordinating bridesmaids landing times...sigh. then the wammy. i'm about to leave work and my cyber shrink buddy who happened to coordinate that magazine shoot i did wrote to tell me that none of the pictures with girls (that would be me) were used in the article (debbie downer music fades in)

my heart sank. what kind of boo boo is that?! the bummer-isms didn't last long though...i had so much frickin' fun on that shoot and it totally revived my spirit. no regrets. my time to shine will come...i skipped out of work and moved on to the next phase of top secret mission "vegas weekend for the best friend"'s been so great putting together the gifts for jen's girls and her. i love giving and the only reason i'm blogging about this now is i know it's 11 something for one, 10 something for another and the other two girls don't read my ish at all so i won't ruin any surprises. i got some really fun things and i just found out i can pack liquor so it's about to be on and poppin lol.

i'm out shopping for the remaining gifts when my boy k calls me and starts to speak to me thru this dang transformers mask he's just purchased from toys r seriously makes you talk like a frickin' robot. i swear he became my new bestest buddy at that point...only the coolest of the cool would cruise down the la freeways rockin a mask like that...and then calling me to play around with it lol. he rocks! i love him! totally made my day..had me about to pee my pants in a store.

so yeah seeing the brighter picture helped this day out so frickin much. i'm leaving at the crack of dawn to board a plane to vegas...i'm meeting the luv of my life at her terminal, we're grabbing a cab together, laying by the pool and drinking mojitoes all day long...the girls will trickle in and we'll all enjoy the rays.

later that night we'll go to dinner, we'll see harry potter, play bachelorette games and bond (hee hee) day we're shopping for her make up for the wedding day (believe it or not i can do other people's make up quite well and make them stunningly beautiful), hanging out by the pool some more and that night we're gettin our vegas on. i think my name will be delicious ; ) (just kidding)

i can't wait. i feel like i get christmas, birthday, summer vacation and slumber party all rolled into one. my life is fuzzy at times but it's becoming clearer. i have these moments in my life that are so flippin fantastic...and they make me love the life i'm in...broke, strugglin, single--all of it!

i dimmed for a bit but i'm coming back into focus...


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