zen not zone

so this has been a slow week for me and i'm not referring to time. i don't know where my mind has gone, but it's not chillin in tish land that's for sure.

yesterday i totally left my keys chillin' in my car (maybe i shouldn't be broadcasting this numb nut move but oh well) unlocked. free car just sitting there in my work parking lot...nice. i was thankful i was brainless enough not to lock my door because i would have been S.O.L. but yeah. folks try to have conversations with me and my memory is terrible. i forget things as soon as they're uttered. (i still can't remember the twinky moments adrian) maybe i need more omega 3...something!

i may not be so hot in the cognitive area lately but it's easier to handle knowing i'm about to house sit for someone and relax relax relax. my old boss hit me up and i gladly accepted. the woman is stocking her wine cabinet, fridge and leaving me with plenty of lovely gardening to help me zen...not zone. i'm going to bring some lovely reading material. i'm currently trying to finish up _what's the matter with kansas_ this book that my best bud gave me to read back in december. lol. i can do this...i can read a political nonfiction book. i can. plus she's got amazing flowers, a cool arse wild bunny named bun bun or lola depending on who you talk to in the neighborhood and a dog named fritz who loved on my leg once (i think it's serious). i'm gonna take mad pictures!

i love my random life. the boss lady was telling her husband that she was proud of me because of my photo shoot i just did. more shoots could possibly come from this past one and if so then i'll be really proud of myself too. i'm ready to work this life of mine yo! i sat in a 2.5 hour meeting today and wrote a poem about acting and my dream. (glad i'm getting paid to write) of course because it's national brain fart week i left it at work but i'll post it tomorrow.

so yeah, this week has been really chill...i saw oceans 13 with kenny and i'm playing some scrabble tomorrow with d. life's just good.


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