what a difference a min makes

I woke up this morning before my alarm and decided I wouldn't snooze…

It's a well known fact in la that traffic can change in a matter of minutes…5 minutes later and you're bumper to bumper for a good hour. 5 minutes sooner and it's smooth sailing…strange phenomenon. I felt like the whole universe was different today because of my early morning jolt. Usually every morning I pull out of my garage and see the same familiar commuters and students on their way but I got a whole new set today including a boy who couldn't have been older than 10 wearing a grown man's suit walking down the sidewalk chillin like this was the most normal thing one could possibly do at 7:20 a.m.

i love my neighborhood.

end of day: i just got back from an impromptu dinner with my good friend mateo. i don't know if you remember him...it's been awhile since i've blogged about him but he's my guy buddy from work that i used to be joined at the hip to.

i didn't realize how much i missed him.

when my ex broke my heart in two i couldn't tell mateo...he took me out for lunch one day and i just broke down and cried and i was so ashamed...he told me that day that he was upset with me, not for crying but for not considering him as a friend to confide in. i never kept anything from him again.

he's that kind of friend that seriously keeps it real and tells you the utmost right thing to do...hardcore tough love. it's a blessing and a curse : ) i sat in the car with him today as he was coo-ing with his girlfriend of 11/12 years (yes....strictly platonic, no alterior motives-kinda bud) and i was so happy to listen in....they speak to each other like it's their first year of dating. respect and devotion abound...makes it a LOT easier to embrace his words that's for sure.

he's here for only this week...a week that hopefully will take it's time and chill out for once. i need rocks from time to time. lol...

today was a good day.


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