a wedding speech

my best friend is getting married. a tattoo on my body says it's so.

i'm in awe of this gal. the stress of planning a wedding can take a toll on the best of women but she does it with grace. i'm not much for the weddings (lol) but i seriously can't wait for this event. these are the two most awsome people coming together...which is why i have already started writing the speech for their first toasts lol...the wedding's in october--can ya feel the excitement now? she's far away and so i can't give her hugs when the stressful times come BUT i can call and blog the heck out of that ish : ) it will be beautiful in the end...always is my dear AND when you break it down to the nuts and bolts it's about you and that lovely man waiting for you in that place of windows. the funny thing is she knows this..she's the teacher and rock and the wise go-to-girl but it's nice to know your friends get it too, right?

is this what being a big kid consists of? my friends are getting married and starting new chapters. sigh.. i keep eating my apple jacks, watching my cartoons but gosh darn it my friends are pulling me along with them on the big kid bus.

i've been having a hard time writing lately. i have so much on my mind and nothing up there to mush it together to be any kind of cohesive. i'll just say that my lady friends are making some hard decisions and i'm trying to help as best as i can and offer what weird experience i can bring to the table but more than anything just know that i'm a great hand holder and i'll shut up and listen if that's what you need.

luv ya ladies! luv you j!


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