under my umbrella

don't cha just love that dang song umbrella?! i can't get enough!

hey hey hey people! how were your weekends? good i hope. mine was so wonderful...there were some weird bumpy points but i swear the good stuff just kept toppling all the crummy stuff.

first the shoot. so i FINALLY got to meet a bud of mine that i've been playing email swap with for quite awhile now. she's pretty frickin' dope and she's damn good at her job. i got mad respect for intelligent gals rockin' out their lives to the fullest...no wonder her and e are such good pals. luv ya'll! so yeah i get to the shoot and i get in hair and makeup and i swear my altar ego came out and i just came alive...i haven't felt that great in a really long time. the last time i did anything in the modeling world was my sophmore year of college...it's just fun ya'll. all your insecurities fade away...maybe due to the pound of makeup that's caked on your face...nonetheless, a new persona was born. i loved it!

the great part about the whole frickin day though was knowing that after this incredible shoot i'd be meeting up with my girl b and heading to vegas on a great road trip. i didn't finish the shoot until 8 something so we grabbed our starbucks, packed up our stuff (and my scrabble game...i tried ya'll!!!) and headed out. i love our car chats. we gabbed and gabbed, she let me take a short nap (thank you for that my friend!) and then we were in vegas at 1:00 a.m....checked into our suite long enough to throw on our clubbin' clothes and then headed to the place to meet up with her younger sis. it was jenn's 21st b-day...you know we had to do it up hardcore! i've danced a heck of a lot and hurt now quite a bit : )

we layed by the pool, drank mojitoes, chatted it up, napped for a couple hours (this is where scrabble should have happened by the way) but the best part of the day was when b asked me to fill how big her boobs were getting so of course she grabs my hand and makes me...and OF COURSE the cleaning lady walks out and sees us...b's shocked face, my hand (that's still there) she just went back in hurriedly and shut the door...nice b....NICE!

we ate some good grub and then went to tao (my fav spot) which started out really bogus. it was crowded as heck and the music was goofy but then we found a little spot all to ourselves...that happened to be right next to wayne brady and his posse (the waves still have me sea sick b!!!) and we got our little groove on. this cute guy came over later and became our friend...he had b, jennifer and i doing shots of tequila and totally made the night a blast. i've never met cool peeps in vegas. first time for everything...who knows.

we got back from the club at 5:30 in the morning...slept for 4 hours and then got up and headed back to la...we're soldiers i say! all in all it was a really fun weekend with my girls. life's swell. now back to the grind..going to bed early tonight for sure!!!


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