Turn and face the strain

Changes are my least favorite thing but come they must. A lot of folks in my circle are going thru massive changes…some good, some hard, all challenging but I'm so proud of them. There's something magical about the perspective of a friend. We're able to see into the future and grab on to a certain confidence that everything will be ok for our loved ones. Listen to your friends when they tell you everything will be ok. This isn't an empty forecast…if they're true then they'll do whatever it takes to help you get to that lovely place they foresee.

Our life lessons come and go…we learn, use and sometimes forget 'em but never forget who dishes the majority of them out…our friends.

Unfortunately I'm bony as heck so I can't really call myself 'big momma' but just know dear friends little momma is here for ya with open long arms and I'm in awe of your individual strengths…you inspire me!


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