so you think you can dance

if you're not watching "so you think you can dance" then you're seriously sleeping on one of THE most artistic shows out there.

there's just something about watching these people move...they pull you into the tv with their bodies and you're just captivated. don't get me wrong. i love acting and i believe whole heartedly that it's able to engage the audience and evoke passion and emotion but nothing compares to dancing...the artist uses every ounce of their body to tell you their story. it's raw and primal. stuff like that causes me to shut my mouth, lay on my stomach, cross my legs, put my chin in my hands and sigh like a young kid star struck. makes me wanna dance..."like watching water" that's some good ish. plus the music is eclectic, mixed and appropriate. i'm gonna be singing "lets get loud" by jennifer lopez...a song that i rocked out to in front of 20,000 people once at a college basketball event. yes, i'm a secret wannabe dancer.

watch it! wednesdays and thursdays on FOX. i want to be hok's flower!!!


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