i love my sunday mornings. they've always been my day where i can do what i need to do, just me...reflecting and hanging out--enjoying life ya know? like everything, they've still been able to evolve over the years. lately i've been waking up kinda early and going to get coffee with my girl bree. we talk shop...discuss our past week, yadda yadda.

today we had some interesting conversation. i brought up the fact that my film i watched of myself (shot two years ago) sucked the big one and how i was ashamed that i couldn't rise above the writing and so forth to have a good performance. (basically no one will ever see that film lol) that's when bree brought up the fact that she can't direct something she doesn't love passionately. she's right. you have to love and believe in your art or what's the's just a job.

we left our favorite little coffee shop with some new gumption under our belts...we're out here for the right reasons and while we may be a little lost we're definitely not out of the running. i came home, read some, took a nap and watched my tivo'ed "so you think you can dance". the show totally hit a nerve when one dancer explained why she did it. she said she would watch others dancing and it would make her angry that it wasn't her. i couldn't agree more. you just get this fire up your butt that you could be doing it's almost ugly. it's why i sit back and wait for that possible show about being mixed. i swear i'll rock that audition when it comes. sneaky ones may try to work their way in before me but watch out yo. it's my baby and i'm gonna work it! : )

i can't seem to shake this cold i have. nap time again...and some lovely movie watching : ) research baby!


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