la cultura

so i'm sitting here watching the alma awards and i'm totally lovin' it! i've never watched the show before but it's good to see the pride and luv for one's culture burst hollywood no less! i'm not gonna even get into some of the other awards ceremonies...don't get me started! : )

it's a beautiful thang...back in the midwest we used to say if you're brown your down. my brother's people are definitely down. moving to los angeles has definitely been an experience for me. i've always been fascinated by latino culture but moving here and being immersed in it is lovely. weird that a little mixed chick from the midwest grew up worshipping frida kahlo and chicano history lessons? i think not...i had a thang for pangu (look it up!) & amy tan, soul food & the great diaspora too so don't get it twisted. culture period is beautiful ya'll!!!

oh one ku shout out...the president of the national council of la raza, janet murguia, worked for ku as the executive vice chancellor while i was a student there. she came to my journalism class and spoke to us about making something of herself and going after her dreams...using her journalism degree to get her there.... oh yeah baby!!! it was cool to see her on the show tonight.

p.s. sheila e is my shero


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