i love every day people

a very likeable lad informed me today that i meet and know random people with amazingly random and entertaining characteristics. lol....maybe so. it's perspective though in my opinion....one man's random traits are another man's borring attributes but it's still a swell thing to know that my friends and aquaintences are at least interesting and entertaining to others outside of my tishy bubble. : )

sigh....people's unique whatevers...i just wrote a poem for the folks at my job that are being let go tomorrow. did i tell you about that? that they're shipping jobs overseas to manila? tomorrow's gonna be a sad sad day. i'm kind of the class clown of my department...infamous for being goofy and crazy--putting smiles on the folks' faces so obviously i can't disappoint them by turning into a blubber butt. i thought about each person's goofy qualities that the rest of us love so much and made sure it rhymed. : ) it will definitely cause some chuckles.

people have to know that they leave marks and have special qualities that etch places in others' memories. man...whether i like it or not the people you work with become a sort of pseudo family and so it's sad to see my little tree shrinking...we're losing some good eggs! we all need a little office space humor in our lives...a cooky weirdo with a stapler...the guy that wants us all to just read the memo...


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