i didn't remember : (

so for the most part i had a great day. work wasn't too bad and afterwards i came home and got to play a nice game of scrabble with my buddy d...life's swell right? wrote my daily blog...decide to check my reg email account...my grandmother and i email each other every day so i figured i needed to see what happened in good ole kansas city. just found out that today is my dad's birthday. gram of course didn't mention him. they never really do. my dad had/has a twin, my auntie and gram mentioned that today was her birthday...one child. man...

i'm just a little upset...ok a lot...that i never remember that. i don't know my dad's own birthday...i have memories of him i can count on my hands and fred called so that combination makes for a very bad night...really bad night. june 28th....june 28th tish. god damn it. : (

there are just some circumstances where the tears never dry up.

now i know why my momma sent me a text saying she loved me today. it's funny how well that woman knows me...even before i know myself.

happy birthday daddy...


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