crucial conjunctions

6.10.2007 fun is it to feel a million things at once....a bunch of 'ands' and no 'ors'

i had a beautifully full weekend and i'm happy and spent, i'm sick as a dog (i caught a cute little cold) i'm has left. it went by entirely too fast if you ask me.

her first night here was really cool. i was probably the happiest i've been in a really long time...seeing people watch two girls who look nothing alike on the outside laugh the same, play the's cool to have family around...i've been lonely for family--more than i ever knew before she came. the sacrifices i've made...i don't think i really processed all of that when i pushed myself to move out here to los angeles. don't get it twisted....moving back isn't in the forecast but convincing a sis to move out here might be in the cards. : )

we watched movies, laughed, ate sushi and mexicano food, visited with friends and hung at the beach. i loved seeing that kid mingling and laughing with my new friends and enjoying herself...meeting new people that are doing the darn thing and loving life. every youngin' needs some beautiful women to inspire her into action!

aight..the cold is beating me down. it's time to watch some chicken soup flicks and call it a weekend. i miss you sis! come back soon!!!

thank you chele and kenny for your takes on my 'situation' and your words...sometimes i need some restored rationality to deal with conjunctions that are cruel right now


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