conks: the comeback

So I nonchalantly mentioned in my last blog that I met someone in vegas ville. Mind you I am aware that "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" but this big guy is being pretty darn persistent that I get to know him. At one point in the night he made all of us girls come up with our own toasts before shooting down our tequila. For his own toast he said something along the lines of " here's to finding out what love really is…blah blah blah" I can't remember the rest (we were doing shots remember!) but yeah…even in my buzzed state I knew this was a little out there for a guy to say an hour into just meeting a gal.

That little scenario popped back up in my head today after reading an article on the basic gist of the article is about this girl who questions why her boyfriend can't say I love you yet. The columnist writes:

"But consider this also. If he were willing to say "I love you" and say it often, it might also indicate something dark and treacherous: that he knows the power of romantic speech, of the capacity of words to excite feelings, to reassure, to cradle and caress, to kindle warmth where there is no actual warmth or enduring intent. You might be glad that if he actually does feel no enduring commitment to you, at least he's not using those words to give you a false sense of security, only to break up with you later."

Man! The man's a genius!!!…the power of romantic speech…I think lots of people out there believe they have this power. I get pretty nauseated when I hear lovey dovey stuff so most of the time I'm pretty immune to such things (like in the bar for instance). Humans are quick to try to weaken the power of a word…if some new adjective comes out to describe something cool it's pounced on and used until every last ounce of anything is squeezed out of it…or even something not as shallow: sometimes words are used a lot to lesson their power intentionally but yes…used and abused nonetheless. People and their romantic lines do just the same.

...Creates skeptical folks and that's no fun. I'm going to try to be nice to aforementioned person and give him the benefit of the doubt BUT I will have to tell him I get a tad bit insulted by people's hopes to woo someone based off of telling them what you THINK they want to hear. Lol…never assume cuz the only thing I want to hear right now is "Tish you have a lunch date with Spielberg on Tuesday to discuss his new project he thinks you'll be perfect for"…now THAT'S some talk i can stomach!!!

on to different news somewhat related to dating: my girlie b and i were lunching today when we saw a couple walk by...the guy was totally surfer hottie boy and she was (as nice as i can be) this total stereotypical 'ghetto bird' type with a conk!!! both of our mouths dropped. it was THE most interestingly diverse couple i had ever witnessed...and apparently b too because we giggled for a good half hour over the matter. really? conks and surfer boards work nowadays? soulmates really don't have to be a darn thing like us huh? (for all of you that have no clue what a conk is think of al sharpton hee hee) it was a warm little fuzzy b moment for sure.


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