catching a cold in june is weird

ironically i lay here on my couch watching sex and the city and samantha is sick & crying because she's all alone with no one to take care of her.

lol i always say there are only two times where being single sucks: when you're sick and incapable of moving and when you have ridiculous groceries and are lugging them upstairs to your apartment without help.

the worst of the cold is over. i have actual brain function coming back and sanity has returned as well. thank God! i can only take so much of the poor me syndrome. the great thing about getting sick though is i nurse my little self thru something and then feel like a soldier because i did that ish alone. i've come along way since my freshman year of college...battling the flu and crying to my mom to come and take care of me lol. now if i only lived in a town that had delivery services that will bring anything and everything i'd be set. hey, we all have our limits : )


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