i don't know if it's vegas last weekend or the evil one that refuses to leave my life alone but i've been exhausted out of my mind lately. that all changed though when my kid sis called this morning and said her and my mo were eating lunch and would soon board her plane to come and see me.

this is crazy!!! she's never been to los angeles...or california for that matter so this will be her first time seeing the life i've made for myself. how weird is that?! this is the chick i used to drag around my house by the neck when she was a baby. moving away from fam sucks but visits are the bomb yo!

i love this chick...when i say she's brilliant and wonderful and entertaining as heck. once when she was 5 she came into the living room and told my mother and me, "i'm miserable. i had a bad hair day today"....5 people! my mom and i were bustin' a gut! ha! all my friends that i grew up with love her...she's always made us laugh...definitely her own person lol she's going to be a great editor for the new yorker, she's goofy and doesn't take life too seriously. she travels...i heart her.

i have to show her my life...i think we're gonna hit up a movie tonight with b, go to a happy hour tomorrow, visit an art exhibit with my homegirl and grub at my favorite breakfast joint, jinky's. mmmmm and don't forget about coffee with my darling friend that i have my bookworm mini me with me we'll have plenty of books to gab about.

nice chill weekend...

ok total side note that i must share:

pet peeve #1: the macho man-- so ole boy from vegas reached an interesting plateau yesterday when he called super duper late and referred to me as "the luv of his life"...even half asleep i knew this was a tid bit odd. i remember saying something to him like "um maybe you shouldn't be referring to me as such" but he totally tried to justify it...from what i can recall. so this morning i got up and texted him (cuz i'm cool like that) and said that he was really cool but i really didn't have the energy to invest in something new right now. he wrote back, "yeah i feel the same way. i have a lot on my plate right now that i need to focus on"...everything's cool and done with right? wrong! he texts again a couple of minutes later and says, "this doesn't mean that we should stop talking or anything...see each other when we're in each other's states" followed by another text "i mean i am still the same man you met in vegas"....well i HOPE you're still the same dude since i JUST met you four days ago. lol...then he asks me what car he should buy today-the maserati or the benz...does that really work folks? he just throws out big bad hot rods and i decide shallow is cool and switch up everything i've just said? lol...i laughed and wrote it off as a fun weekend in vegas lol...i luv life! athletes...i tell ya what.

pet peeve #2: malapropisms-- dude. i can't stand it when people use the darn things or try to write out big words and can't even spell them correctly. now i know i can crank out a blog pretty darn quick and i slip up from time to time but using big words just to sound smart....groan. you CAN tell the difference. here's some advice: if you have a sound thought just say it. no one's gonna care whether or not you hit the word size of the day...this ain't scrabble ya'll!!!

that's it...happy friday eve !!!


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