what happens in vegas...

now i'm not completely a blog junky. i realize that what happens in vegas has to stay in vegas, but i can be general right? just no details? lol...

i met some of the coolest folks this weekend and we partied like rockstars (homage to the 'vegas soundtrack' we experienced). when i say i had THE best vegas experience. we slept, ate, chilled in and by the pool, laughed our butts off...i met some of the best folks and we did everything you're supposed to do with cool peeps and more. i was really sad when the folks started boarding their perspective planes and left. i have many pics, many videos and many memories that i will NEVER forget. : )

oh one thing! the belaggio fountain....my first time. frank sinatra "let luck be a lady"...it was beautiful. sigh...sometimes the gals have to leave the boys and do their own thang...thank you erica!!!


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