man two of my boys are about to bust a gut on this one but i think i finally got my taco fix on. oh yeah...for the past two months i've thought of nothing else but beloved yummy scrumptious tacos. i would eat them any time if i could get my grubby little paws on them and today for lunch i think i finally got the end of my fix.

whatever will i crave next?

today was a good day because it's friday eve and every eve is a great day...you're thinking ahead, what's next for the weekend...good times.

this weekend just happens to start early for me. i'm taking off at noon from work, doing that kick arse fun photo shoot and then i'm heading to vegas with my great gal pal b. yes yes, i realize i just got back from the place but i haven't been with her in a quick minute...dude now that i think about it, it's been way over a year so this will be lovely. her little sis is turning 21 and of course b needs someone that will go and be a lush with her sibling...sigh. i GUESS i'll do it...i mean it IS for family and all... : ) one tequila, two tequila, three tequila FLOOR! j/k...no i'm not. hee hee

no really though trips with your peeps are the best. this weekend is about to be off the chain. as for right now, i'm about to hit up pasadena to get my beautiful caterpillars removed from my face (R.I.P. unibrow!) and then i plan to have a little movie date night with my boy. can't beat that i say.

i can't wait to tell ya'll about the shoot. i've been given some details and i swear i'm already about to hit the ceiling. as jalen would say i get to pretend for a couple of hours.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend!

big t


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