shedding the stress

today i felt a little down and out--a product of a lousy job.

generally speaking i'm quite the rambunctious young woman...lots of energy and pep but i swear ever since i started working at this nasty little place i'm far from energizer bunny. i hear people calling my name all day long, i need this and that, do this, go here...take this in the arse for me cuz i don't feel like dealing with it lol....i'm SERIOUS though. i start out most mornings with a bounce in my step. i come in smiling...rockin' out to some great song oscar's serenading me with and then work kicks in and by the time 4:30 hits i look like i've had the frickin stuffings knocked right out of me--an emaciated pinata if you will.

i actually get pretty testy too which sucks even more. "hello mr. nasty!"

today though i knew exactly what needed to be done in order to shed the necessary stress. i came home, stripped off my work clothes, put on some comfy pajamas, washed my face (that was the ticket!), cleaned my abode and then sat on my wonderful bedroom sofa and chilled in the peace and quiet. i sat and i thought about acting and how much i love it...about my ability to manifest my own destiny...celestine vision stuff : ) it was pure loveliness and now i feel lots better.

my darling girl e just texted me with the results from american idol so i can take my butt to bed early and have some more peace.

fatima (aka marcus) hits la tomorrow and i can't wait. that good sir and i have lots to catch up on. remember this is the guy that supports my dreams in the coolest of ways. he'll make memorial weekend a great one. i can't wait.

i just read the best horoscope in my may essence: your positivity gives you the insight to dream big and dismiss the haters.

lol...i love that essence puts 'haters' in their horoscope word rolodex but more than that i love anything that discusses my dreams.

alright. this day is done, night has won and the bed is calling my name.

el fin


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