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I just finished this book that I've seriously been trying to get thru for a couple of months now…man I'm not the reader I used to be! It ended so well though. I've already recommended it to my mom and best bud. That reminds me. I know two heifas out there that have two of my books. Don't think I've forgotten yo! The point of this whole little book spiel though!!! there's this amazing character in the book. She starts out being this weakling who lets people walk all over her but she comes alive at the end in the most inspiring of ways. There's this great image the writer puts out there about this kite she's flying…how she hates that it's so dependent on its owner to keep it high in the air and how it should just fly free. For some reason that called out the Tishy trumpets. Good ish…good ish.

Now I'm onto a classic called _The Scarlet Pimpernel_...this is what happens when your friend happens to be an English major. You get all the good suggestions. For some reason it reminds me of "V for Vendetta" so I'm pumped…I'll read it when I have downtime on the fabulous activity I'm about to tell you about…

So today I was asked to do a photo shoot for a magazine!!! Model Tishy in the house!!! Wooohooo! I was bouncing off the walls. (It's definitely impressing my new modeling agent who probably thought I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs—which I was but hey…)

So yeah I'm really excited. I always get really nervous about modeling gigs because I'm such a repressed nerd. I always feel that it's some big joke and I'll get there and the people will yell out "psych! Just kiddin' son!" It's only initially like that though. I get over it fast when I see a camera…me being a major camera hog and all. ; ) say cheese!

Thanks (cyber shrink jr) for this lovely gift…my girl helped me get the gig. It's who you know apparently…all I need is a little inertia to get me going and then you won't be able to stop me yo!

Today was one of those good days where I'm the good kinda kite: The kinda kite that doesn't need someone below dictating where I go and for how long based on their speed and their drive to move me. Today I'm making my own moves with my own wind


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