props for the men in my life

So anyone who knows me knows I love my girls and value, no basically worship, the female relationships I've acquired over the years. I just think girls are great and female friendship does so much for the human spirit.

I praise my girls but that doesn't mean I don't love my guys. I will be the first to admit I know NOTHING about the male species, which my newbie guy friends have so eloquently pointed out to me (you don't know ish tish!). It's hard to form real solid deep friendships for women and men, but I definitely have them and it's time to give the guys some props.

I digress for a moment. I have to talk about the bachelor. I hated this darn show for the longest time. I got so sick of these numb nuts going on national tv and telling the world how they were just trying to find a nice girl to marry, only to pick the uber dumb fast girls and leave them scratching their heads at their supposed moment of engagement with a friend proposal. It just reiterated the hard cold reality that men live on their perspective planet and we on ours and occasionally we meet up in the milky way and give some daps and whatever else. Then this god-like man…my uber babe boy came along and changed all that. the dude came on the show listing what he was looking for and gosh darn it he's actually sticking to it. he eliminated the drama queens, the fast girls, the young girls and is actually making wise decisions…now mind you this IS reality tv but for reality tv standards…this dude is the bomb! Totally brought back my faith that there are some lucky dudes out there that know what they want and aren't jaded or distracted enough to jack that up. Big sigh of relief…I hope similar things for my guy friends that are totally lost right now in terms of what they need and want from women.

This brings me back to my guy friends and how I see their behinds. I see things in them that make my heart swell (with friendship that is) and it's cool. There's always my Fatima who you've heard a little about. He's coming to visit over memorial weekend and I couldn't be more excited. This dude is so great…I wrote him pages of notes telling him how fly he is and how he has to marry some spectacular woman because I'd be disappointed if he didn't recognize his greatness and respect it. The dude makes me want to be a better woman and (when he calls) pushes me to do so. Gotta love that.

Then there's my play brother j who seriously has been there since day one of frosh year college. We've vacationed together and he's kept me from acting a plum fool on many occasion. He's the brother that every girl wishes she had…thoughtful, protective and fun to be around…even when he makes my butt twitch I'm still laughing with the boy.

I hung with some guys over the weekend that had some unconventional 'girl with guy' behaviors I'm not so used to (hee hee) but when I say I fell for these dudes (again as friends)…I fell hard. They had me laughing so hard my abs hurt for two days afterwards…They're intelligent, funny, fun to be around, crazy, thoughtful and when no one's looking quite intense and freaking sincere.

Basically I feel really lucky. It's hard to have male relationships that don't cross into the grey areas…even I fall prey to it occasionally but that ish is RARE. When you can remain in the black and white…and actually witness moments where men drop their testosterone walls…well, it's just a special moment that I treasure.

I hope I find someone someday that my dudes respect and vibe with. I think he'd be some kinda man if he could hang with the likes of them.

To all my manfriends, I love you and thank you.


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