oh stop being so vain

sigh...i know timing has everything to do with my blogs and the assumptions some make...who's she writing about, is it personal? blah blah blah. i got in 'trouble' a month or so ago for supposedly writing about someone and i wasn't even writing about them! women, my darlings...yesterdays blog was about a darling older woman that i hold dear to my heart that is hurting inside. she doesn't read blogs lol...she probably doesn't even know what one is but i felt her pain and her story is one that we all share...cuz we do. i'm not hankering on women...i have no beef with anyone in particular and if certain women think i do then stop. i just know we've all been there and then poof this weekend another friend had a similar encounter...

i shouldn't even be writing this blog BUT i'm a writer and i can't let anything go. don't tell me to practice what i preach because i'm standing up and helping you out more than you'll ever know...BECAUSE i understand what it's like to be a woman...jeez. all my friends are now currently shaking their heads wondering what the heck i'm talking about. just ignore this one : ) i'm mad i randomly stumble over stuff i shouldn't. my new found friend has nipped that in the bud (cyber shrink jr. thanks chica) so i shouldn't be participating in such silly things like this.

this is the part where my buddy ole pal don would say "toot toot" cuz i'm gonna toot my own horn. i'm a dang nice person and forgiving as heck. : ) toot toot...

aight. i'm off to go hike. later!!!


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