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So I watched a movie last night that totally gave me back my acting zeal…I was bursting with energy. I got off my arse and wrote to my writer friend and the executive producer of the show that she is currently creating and thanked them both for having the brilliant idea to put images of mixed women out there in the world.

Some media critics are shaking their heads at me right now…they're thinking there are mixed girls every where…they represent the black woman in many instances but that doesn't cut it my friend. Yes, a lot of us identify as black…we do so for a number of reasons. I personally attribute my identifications with the fact that I know I'm a minority…so saying I'm black comes a lot easier than saying I'm white. This is controversial…people (that aren't biracial 99.9% of the time) love to tell me how this is a crock. Funny how i'm not allowed to define myself…WHICH brings me back to the reason we need shows that feature a biracial person…that's allowed to discuss being biracial and the funny little stories that come along with the territory.

The idea of a 'torn world'…a tragic mulatta isn't new. I can remember watching Oprah as a kid and seeing these little mixed kids crying about not knowing where they belonged…I didn't get it at the time…of course my sense of being mixed was all semantics—just something I was trained to say when people asked, "what are you?"

I can't wait for this opportunity!!! My godchild came home from school the other day devastated because little boys were picking on her for being mixed. They told her that it was wrong that her mommy and daddy mixed and had a baby. How sad that a 5 year old has to deal with things…scary things no less such as this... No one wants to hear that their mommy could get in trouble. I wanted to put my butt on a plane and go see my little wee one and reassure her she's not alone and school her as a good Godmommy should. How odd to grow up alone knowing that most of the folks around you are quote on quote 'one' people and therefore belong somewhere—stereotypes and all and you belong in two worlds…and are constantly pulled and pushed from both groups? It's a crazy crazy that you just might need to see others like you going thru similar things in order to feel less freak show-ish.

The obscure people known as the MN…the mulatto nation will have their day! Whoever would have thought that papers I wrote in college which focused on the images of biracial women in the media would some day come in handy. Now that's what I call taking the classroom to the streets!

I just remembered that I should have put more than 39 cents on the darn envelope for that thank you letteroops. 'm good though. It'll come back. I'll fix it : )


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